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Stellar Care Facility Assisted Living Options in San Diego, CA

Our services address the whole person and we make every effort to nurture the mind, body and spirit of our residents.

Our customized care plan considers the resident’s individual needs and well-being.

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Assisted Living

Stellar Care offers Assisted Living services with a specialty in Memory Care in San Diego, California and offer a variety of activities.

Memory Care

Our Memory Care Facility in San Diego provides a secure and structured environment where residents can thrive with set routines.

Dementia Care

Our dementia caregivers are trained to provide assistance with Activities of Daily Living, or ADLs by ensuring that these daily needs are met.

Respite Care

Our Activities staff offer tailored activities for residents to engage in socialization and interaction to stimulate the mind and the body.

Alzheimers Assisted Living

Stellar Care offers Alzheimer’s Assisted Living services in San Diego, California and offer a variety of activities for our seniors.

Our Floor Plans

The Sunset Drive Room
Northern Exposure Suites
Spacious Bathrooms

Our Services

Memory Care

Our experienced staff provides a structured environment where residents with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias can thrive with set routines.

Club Stellar

Residents who are early on in the progression of their dementia or Alzheimer’s disease may be eligible for our Club Stellar program and special rate.


Our staff prepares nutritious meals three times a day, featuring in-season fruits and vegetables, homemade soups, and diabetic options.


The Stellar Care activities staff curates tailored activities, field trips, and programs for all residents at various levels in the progression of their dementia.
Memory Care Services in San Diego

Memory Care Services in San Diego

At Stellar Care we believe people with dementia are able to experience joy, comfort, meaning and growth in their lives. We know that quality of life depends on the quality of care given.

We specialize in the person-centered care required for effective dementia care which is tailored to the abilities and changing needs of each resident. Our comprehensive assessment and care planning, as well as understanding behavior and effective communication are the fundamentals behind our care.

Memory Care Practices

Our care practices include goals which address fluid and food consumption, pain management and social engagement. Proper attention to the care plan, effective preventative systems, an environment that fosters community, and finally, staff that are committed to quality care all make a difference for the resident and their family.

Memory Care Practices

We Believe Effective Dementia Care Includes:

Assisted Living Activities

We provide a variety of services and activities to enhance and promote individual interests and to improve the quality of life for our residents. These include:

Respite Care Short Term Stay

Respite Care (Short-Term Stay)

Respite care is a supportive service that gives families needed relief while offering a safe and stimulating homelike environment for your loved one.

Fully furnished accommodations and the full complement of care are provided on a short-term basis, up to thirty days. Respite stays are a convenient option during recuperation, family member vacation, caregiver break or simply to try our accommodations.


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