Assisted Living Story: Norman

The Story of our Senior Resident 'Norman Vincent'

Frontline Stories from Assisted Living at Stellar Care

Written by Mai Truong

Norman is a man of hard work and dedication. He was born on September 1st, 1924, shortly after the end of World War I, and a few years before the Great Depression and World War II.

He had a lengthy and successful career in the United States Navy before retiring and continuing to work in civil service. Norman is a dedicated father and husband, having had two long marriages and raising three beautiful children. He is certainly a man you’d describe as responsible, determined and strong.

At the age of 17, Norman joined the United States Navy in order to aid the Allied efforts in World War II. He served as a machinist mate through the Battle of Santa Cruz Islands, during the Guadalcanal campaign. He remained with the Navy during the Korean War, left the military for a few years while his two daughters were young, then reenlisted and served during the Vietnam War.

Despite having witnessed pivotal moments in three major wars, Norman was discreet about his military service. He agreed to one interview with the History Channel to discuss the Battle of Santa Cruz, but rarely spoke about his service or military success otherwise.

After retiring from active duty service as a master chief, Norman worked on cars in a civil service position. Even when not working, he always kept busy. He built his family a home in Massachusetts. The Vincent family home always had a perfect lawn. In his spare time, Norman had a talent for making air planes out of beer cans (loved ones still have some of these planes today). He even singlehandedly built a car that was a replica of an MG. Norman was rarely if ever found resting of lounging. If not busy on a project, he’d make sure to go out for a drive or go exercise. Norman was never a fan of idleness.

After some years on his own, Norman met a woman named Alice through some mutual friends. He was interested in getting to know Alice and asked for her number. She insisted on meeting in church. With time, they fell in love, enjoyed one another’s companionship and got married. Norman and Alice traveled to different locations in the US on road trips in a motor home.

They went back and forth across the United States and got to see many beautiful locations. Their travels and vacations took them down to Mexico and up to Canada. Norman’s life illustrates that he has always valued taking action. He has lived a full life and has derived great satisfaction from staying busy and working hard.

What’s not to admire about a man of such dedication, determination and purpose?

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