Assisted Living Story
The Story of our Senior Resident 'John Gregory'
Frontline Stories from Assisted Living at Stellar Care
Written by Mai Truong

John Gregory, known as “Greg,” always likes to have a project to work on. He is industrious, helpful and has a wonderful sense of humor. Greg was born in Michigan on October 24th, 1927. He grew up enjoying the company of his grandmother and spent his childhood attending school, braving Michigan’s cold winters and going fishing whenever he had a chance.

Greg graduated from high school toward the end of WWII and enlisted in the Army as a medic. Upon completion of his service, he came to San Diego and started attending college at San Diego State University. While on a bus going home from school one day, he met Norma. With Norma’s lively, cheerful nature matching his own, Greg was smitten. They eloped in Las Vegas and started their long, happy marriage.

After completing college, Greg became a science teacher for Junior High School students and Norma worked as the manager of a store. Greg loved teaching his students and using his knowledge in practical ways. If there was ever an issue at home, or Greg needed a tool that he didn’t have, he could find a way to make what he needed. He and Norma were hard working people who valued saving for a rainy day. Together, they invested in properties that they could repair and sell, or live in themselves. Greg was a talented handyman and would often make the needed repairs himself. Greg and Norma appreciated maintaining a balance between working hard and having fun.

They spent time with a group of friends several times a week. Their circle of friends included coworkers from the Soda Fountain, where Norma was manager, Italian Army men, and others. The group frequented the Soda Fountain, where Norma worked, and would go bowling or to Leonardo’s (now known as Mona Lisa) on a regular basis. When not out with friends or working, Greg and Norma took road trips together. They bought a VW Vanagon and went camping regularly. They also made sure to head over to Las Vegas, which they referred fondly to as “the scene of the crime.” One year, while Greg was on sabbatical, he and Norma decided to live in West Virginia for a year and take road trips all over the US

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Memory Care

Our experienced staff provides a structured environment where residents with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias can thrive with set routines.

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Residents who are early on in the progression of their dementia or Alzheimer’s disease may be eligible for our Club Stellar program and special rate.


Our staff prepares nutritious meals three times a day, featuring in-season fruits and vegetables, homemade soups, and diabetic options.


The Stellar Care activities staff curates tailored activities, field trips, and programs for all residents at various levels in the progression of their dementia.