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The Story of our Senior Resident 'Geraldine Ball'
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Geraldine Ball’s life experience is representative of so many of her generation – a quiet upbringing in Utah during the Great Depression, learning the values of hard work and gaining a thirst for opportunity. She grew up with her sister, mother, and stepfather and was fortunate enough to be able to focus on her studies. After graduating high school, Geraldine attended San Diego State University, and then she went on to teach in the Grossmont Unified High School district for several years.

Geraldine was always a studious student, and passionate teacher of the fine arts. All of her efforts culminated in her receiving an award for teaching excellence in the arts which was coupled with a full scholarship to Harvard. She seized the chance to further her expertise, and attended Harvard University to study Shakespeare and continue her fine arts education.

She was such a standout that the London Theater began flying her out every other year to assist them with their shows. For much of her professional life, Geraldine bounced between London and New York, helping theaters with their productions. She was also well traveled, visiting countries around the world.

While Geraldine’s exciting and accomplished life did not give her a chance to start a family of her own, she did dote on her nieces and nephew. Now at Stellar Care, Geraldine (or Geri as she likes to be called) still carries the calm, confident air and knowing gaze that she must have put to use in the theater realm. The dedication with which her nephew has taken care of her is a tribute to the influence she had on her family, and likely, to the world of theater.

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