Assisted Living Story David Long
The Story of our Senior Resident 'David Long'
Frontline Stories from Assisted Living at Stellar Care

Born in San Diego in 1932, Dave Long has lived an exciting life filled with accomplishments and generosity. He grew up in the North Park and Kensington communities with an older brother and two sisters. As an avid sportsman, Dave played basketball and ran track at Hoover High School. He had a keen interest in car racing and could be seen at Balboa Stadium and later Cajon Speedway.

By the age of 24, Dave was married and had four children. Wow, can you imagine? All that responsibility and his ambitious character drove him to devote much of his time to transforming his father’s small pocket door company to a renowned window manufacturing company. During his tenure at the helm of Windowmaster Products, Dave designed, marketed and strategized to build a $40 million company with nearly 400 employees. He was proud of his accomplishments and found great joy in involving his children and extended family.

He was known throughout the company as a generous, insightful boss who daily walked the factory floor and greeted all employees by name. Weekly he brought donuts for the office staff and was known to show up with ice cream sundaes on Friday afternoons.

His deepest passion was golf and he played regularly at Singing Hills and San Diego Country Club. Known as a fierce competitor and hard worker, Dave kept his handicap in the low single digits. This sport heightened his travel curiosity and he and his wife Cathy traveled worldwide on both golf outings and site seeing expeditions.

Grateful for his success, Dave contributed to his community, friends and family in many ways. He sponsored potentials golfers, supported the local boys and girls clubs, and encouraged and supported his grandchildren to attend college and travel the world.

Dave never dreamed he would live, love & experience life to this great extent. He frequently reminisces and says, “ It could not have gotten much better!

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